Refund/ Cancellation Policy


Avxrentals.com takes an understanding approach to refunds, below rules are applied to all rentals.

Due to the fact that all of our equipment is by reservation only, and your requested equipment is removed from our available equipment list, making it unavailable for other clients. We are forced to charge a Cancellation Fee to compensate for the time the equipment is not available, as follows:


Cancellation on the day of Event - 100% of the total rental invoice

Less Than 48Hours Notice up to day of event - 50% of the total rental invoice (except Special Order items)


More Than 48Hours Notice - No Fee (except Special Order items)

SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS (Carpets, Fabric, Custom Stages, etc) - 100% of the total rental invoice


 All refunds will be made minus 5% transaction fee (Subject to change based on Processing Bank) which is charged by the processing bank, or any other transaction fee as charged by the processing Bank, and will be indicated in terms and conditions if it varies from the percentage above.

To gain a refund on the confirmed booking for a cancelled event please contacts us. Please make sure to give us your transaction number, order number, email address, full name and telephone number.


Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment.

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